Prof. Dr. habil. Levente Kovács was appointed Rector of Óbuda University by the President of the Republic of Hungary on July 15, 2019 for the next term.

The Rector is responsible for the operation of the University in accordance with its core business, in the framework of which he exercises the employer’s rights over the employees of the University, except for the Director General for Economic Affairs. The employees of the University, as well as those employed in the organizational units directly assisting in the performance of the duties of the senior manager, are entitled to establish salaries or other benefits in respect of those in an employment relationship. The duties and powers of the Rector of the University of Óbuda are contained in detail in Volume 1 of the Organizational and Operational Regulations of Óbuda University. The Rector may, from time to time, delegate the powers specified in the Organizational and Operational Rules to his Vice-Rectors or to another senior manager or senior employee of the University. The holder of the delegated power may not delegate that power.

Updated: 01.12.2021.