Entrance test(s)

An entrance test is a test given by the school to determine the academic or skill level of a student, especially a new student.
Placememt tests, exams:

Programmes  Entrance exam
Mathematics Physics Other  Portfolio Oral exam
BSc level
Business Administration and Management x
Commerce and Marketing x
Computer Science Engineering x x or Informatics x
Electrical Engineering x x online (if the applicant stay in HU it is a personal interview)
Engineering Management x
Environmental Engineering x x or Chemistry, or Biology or Informatics
Industrial Design Engineering x x or Chemistry, or Biology or Informatics x
Mechatronical Engineering x x
MSc/PhD level (all programmes) x
MSc in Architecture x x

Preparing for the Entrance Test(s)

Assessment is important: Students come to Obuda University with different academic skills. To ensure that they have success while starting at Óbuda Unversity, and are placed in the appropriate program, they must take the entrance exam(s).

Entrance Tests are part of the application process for Bachelor studies at Obuda University. During the application process, once your entry documents get verified positively by Obuda University, you will be given access to Entrance Test(s). They are online tests that enable us to assign you to an appropriate study path: entering 1st year of Bachelor studies.

It is also important to prepare for the entrance test. Students who review and study the topics have better results than those who do not prepare. A list of entrance test topics are available below.

Please study the topics and we hope that it brings you success while applying to Obuda University.

Updated: 10.05.2024.