University Research and Innovation Center (EKIK)

The University Research and Innovation Center (EKIK) is an independent organizational unit directly under the Rector, engaged in scientific research, development, and innovation activities across various scientific and professional fields. It also undertakes scientific management and educational activities.

Responsibilities of EKIK:

  1. Directing and coordinating the activities of research and service centers within the EKIK organization, ensuring the implementation of the university’s science policy strategy;
  2. At the university level, EKIK coordinates large-scale developments that involve multiple faculties; participates in doctoral education;
  3. Assisting in the implementation of the University’s scientific organizational tasks, participating in the organization and coordination of international and national conferences and scientific events;
  4. Providing professional support for the coordination and organization of national and international conferences and scientific events at the university level;
  5. Developing methods and formulating proposals for the introduction of an innovation-centric mindset and the establishment of the related motivational system at the University, including the organization of student programs;
  6. Developing the concept of an information platform supporting the University’s innovation activities and overseeing its operation;
  7. Strengthening the University’s technical and industrial engagement through the coordination of innovation activities; establishing and developing collaborations related to innovation (with the government, industry players, and domestic and international organizations);
  8. Participating in the development of the University’s innovation strategy under the guidance of the Vice-Rector for Research, and collaborating with academic leadership in the execution of the approved strategy;
  9. Providing professional assistance in the coordination of faculty conferences;
  10. Actively participating in the editorial work of the University’s scientific journals, including the peer review of professional articles;
  11. In collaboration with the Vice-Rector responsible for Industrial and Business Relations, establishing and operating the university-level practice for accepting and executing market-based industrial R&D&I assignments;
  12. Providing university members access to technical creation and prototyping resources, both material and personal, which the Center strives to develop according to its best intentions within the limits of available financial resources.

Further information is available on the EKIK website.

Updated: 31.05.2024.