Mental Health and Counselling

Should you want to take part in this process, follow these simple steps below.

  1. Before you register, please take a moment to read the Privacy and Consent Statement (see at the bottom of the page).
  2. Then you can sign up for the one-on-one sessions by contacting our psychologists directly:

Ms. Anna Flóra BÉRCES
Address: Tavaszmező utca 17, Building ‘A’, 1084
Room 21 (Ground Floor)

Address: Bécsi út 94-96, 1034
Room 016 (Ground floor)

Ms. Eszter JAKAB
Address: Budapest, Thököly út 74, 1146
Room 202 (First floor)


If, for whatever reason, you need to cancel a session, please inform you psychologist by sending them an e-mail no later than 24 before the session is supposed to start.

Updated: 19.09.2023.