Call for „Student Excellence Award”


Obuda University is calling for applications for students in BSc and MSc programs, who have completed two closed semesters and are enrolled in the given semester (not in their last year) with the active student status listed below.

  • Stipendium Hungaricum/Scholarship for Christian Young People/Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship scholarship students
  • Self-financing international students participating in English-language programmes

The purpose of the application is for the university to honor the work of students who achieve outstanding results in their studies, academic, sports and cultural activities, and who take an active role in student community activities, volunteer programmes, and the internationalization of the university, as well as to encourage them to achieve these goals.

The scholarship allowance offered to scholarship holders:

For students participating in the Stipendium Hungaricum/Scholarship for Christian Young People/Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship programmes:

  • Each semester, one student per faculty receives a one-time additional scholarship of HUF 60,000 (in the semester following the results announcement)

For self-financing students:

  • Tuition discount for one semester in the semester following the submission of the application and the announcement of its results:

1st place: 2000 EUR discount,

2nd place: 1000 EUR discount,

3rd place: 500 EUR discount

The grant can be awarded once in the case of MSc students and twice in the case of BSc students in their respective study cycle. Students applying for the 2nd time can only be awarded the grant or tuition fee discount if they have a proven record of activity in internationalisation programmes at the university in the previous semester (not only a certificate of participation).

Active participation in the promotion of the university and the scholarship programmes is a prerequisite for all applicants.

How to apply:

The application documentation, which includes the application form, its annexes (1-2) and documents authentically certifying the outstanding achievements, can be submitted to the International Education Office (Budapest Bécsi út 94-96. fsz. 35.) until 31st July 2024, from Monday to Wednesday, please book an appointment:

or sent by post to the same address in a sealed envelope, with the applicant’s name, Neptun code and training indicated on the envelope.

(The results and activities submitted in the application must be certified by the organizers in an authentic, signed document.)

Procedure for assessing applications:

The applications received are scored by the International Education Office and sent to the faculties for evaluation. The Rector decides on the winners after approving the faculties’ proposal. The faculties can propose the awarding of one or, in justified cases, two awards in each student group category.

Information obtained during the evaluation of the applications and the decision-making process will be treated confidentially by the contributors.

By submitting the application, the awardees agree to actively participate in the promotion of the university and the scholarship programmes and accept that the university will publish the list of winners of the Obuda University Student Excellence Award on its website.

Application deadline: 31 July 2024.

Announcement of the results: 26 August 2024.

Updated: 28.03.2024.