Mentor program

The International Mentor Program (IMP) builds relationships between newcomers from foreign countries and Hungarian students.


About the International Mentor Program

Every semester hundreds of international students come to Óbuda University from all over the world. In the framework of Erasmus+ and/or Creditmobility programmes students can spend one or at most, two semesters at our University. With the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship they arrive for full time training from Bsc to PhD level.

The aim of the program is to encourage intercultural exchange and to support the new students during their stay here, in general, especially at the beginning of the semester.

How can MENTORS help students?

  • Contacting students before they arrive in Hungary;
  • Helping students to get by, find places at campus, or in Budapest;
  • Helping with administrative tasks (i.e.: enrolment, application for student ID, buying textbooks, Neptun administration, insurance, Visa/residence permit, bank account, other everyday problems);
  • Making arrangements for accommodation (student hostel/dormitory, renting a flat);
  • Interpreting (doctor’s office, post office, public places etc.);
  • Keeping in touch with instructors, coordinators, assistants in the student offices and the Mobility Department;
  • Participating and suggesting cultural events and free time activities (museums, sightseeing, trips, concerts, festivals, sporting events);
  • Helping the Mobility Department organize various events;
  • Sending your experiences and reporting any problems and to the Mobility Department.

One MENTOR is in charge of 5-10 international students, and the MENTORS are also in touch with each other and the International Education Office. They have to be in contact with students on a regular basis.

Who are MENTORS and what are their responsibilities?

A Mentor…

  • is a committed student of Óbuda University,
  • speaks English/other foreign language at a min. B2 level,
  • has great communication skills,
  • is empathic,
  • is neat,
  • may also be an international student
  • is interested in different cultures and keen to help international students to fit in.

Why is it a good idea for the incoming students to keep in touch with your MENTOR?


  • They are ready to help you, and you don’t have to deal with all your problems alone;
  • They are familiar with the accepted practice at ÓU;
  • They know Budapest;

Co-operating with your MENTOR will benefit you in several ways by encouraging you to:

  • reflect on your own culture;
  • improve your foreign language skills;
  • become familiar with other cultures and make new friends;
  • be available for accepting and providing support;
  • develop your social and cross-cultural skills;
  • be advised on preparing for your semester.

If you are interested in the Mentor system, please get in touch with the coordinator: Mr. Norbert Berecz.

Updated: 2024. 02. 07.