Solidarity with refugees

Óbuda University expresses its solidarity with the situation in Ukraine, and provide accommodation, care, study opportunities, online courses, guest student status, flexible administration and a number of discounts for foreign students affected by the war conflict in Ukraine. ÓU provides an opportunity for refugee students studying in the technical and economic fields to continue their studies.

Study opportunities for foreign students

  • We provide guest student status in our current courses, which are available to both Ukrainian and third-country students legally residing in Ukraine.
  • A credit certificate will be issued for courses completed as a guest student.
  • Theres is a possibility to continue the studies also next academic year after checking the content and the previous achievement of the student with the relevant faculty.
  • By opening the K-MOOC courses, we enable the admission and completion of online Hungarian language courses.
  • Main study areas of the university are engineering studies (mechanical, mechatronical, informatics), product designer in light industry, environmental studies, architect and some areas of business. Please respect our time and do not send a request if you did not find a relevant one for you.

What are the steps for joining Óbuda University

  1. Check the degree programs in Hungarian or English on the website. Quick check of the English programs is available here.
  2. If you have studied similar one, please complete the questionnaire. This is the first contact to our colleagues in the International Education Office. If you completed the questionnaire please do not write e-mails to other addresses at the university because we will be overloaded, and takes a lot of time to filter the duplicates, and cannot answer your questions as soon as possible.
  3. After receiving your completed questionnaire the International Team of Óbuda University will evaluate your request and contact you for more information if necessary, or gives advice which university would be more suitable for you. We also will inform you if we cannot offer any solution for you.
  4. Having the necessary information your request will be forwarded (if relevant) to the relevant faculty which in all cases needs the documents you have.
  5. Please collect and prepare (if available) all your documents which proves your identitiy, previous studies (school attendance certificate, transcripts, etc.). If the documents are in Russian or Ukrainian please translate them. Please prepare a list of courses you have studied so far.
  6. The faculties of Óbuda University offer you the available courses for this semester and they decide if it is worth for you to join Óbuda University or not. The faculties are located in different parts of the city, you will get the information where to go.
  7. If your are accepted (in case of avalability) you can apply for a dormitory place by sending a notice to
  8. If you are in Budapest you can visit the International Education Office without an appointment (office hours: 9.00 – 16.00) at Bécsi str. 94-96 (3rd district), ground floor.

Discounts for students of Óbuda University

  • We allow our students from Ukraine to be flexible if they encounter obstacles in connection with their study obligations and their fulfilment.
  • The education is free of charge in this semester.
  • About fees for students affected by the war for the next academic year the decision is in process but will be less than it is advertised on our homepage.
  • For those who maintain their accounts with a financial institution of Russian interest and are subject to restrictions on international payments, the payment deadline will be extended until the situation is resolved.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I join the University and make this semester passive?
    No. Guest student status does not allow to make the semester passive.
  2. I returned to my homeland. Can I join and continue my studies.
  3. Yes. After receiving the Letter of Acceptance you can apply for the visa as usual.
  4. I was in the third year of my studies? Can I continue my studies without any delay? 
    Both Ukrainian and Hungarian education is based on Bologna system. However, the length of studies is different. Hungary applies the 3 + 2 system, Ukraine the 4 + 1. In all cases you have to check with the relevant faculty what have you studied so far, and which courses do you need in order not to loose time in fulfilment.
  5. It was may first year in Ukraine and studied only Ukrainian language as a preparatory course. Can I study at Óbuda University?
    You can start your studies in one of the English language programs next academic year (September) because we do not offer any programs in Ukrainian. If you can prove that previously you were admitted to a program at one of the Ukrainian universities, please send the resolution to our office. If you was not admitted to any kind of programs you have to apply for our programs in a regular way which means you have to take entrance exams.
  6. I have studied at the National Aerospace University in Kharkiv. Can I continue my studies at your university?
    Unfortunately, not. We do not provide programs in aerospace field.
  7. I am a student of Faculty of Economics. I would like to know if it is possible to continue my studies at your university.
    We do not offer programs in economics but in business studies. However, we will forward your request to the Faculty of Business and Management. They will check how you can continue your studies at Óbuda University.
  8. I am a medical student affected by the war in Ukraine. Can I continue my studies at your university?
    Unfortunately, not. We do not offer any program neither in medcine nor in dentistry.
  9. I have studied informatics and would like to study businees. Ist it possible?
    Yes. You have to apply as usual: to send the application form and make the entrance test. How to apply? More information is available here.

Students studying at ÓU and affected by the war

We express our condolences to our students, teachers and staff who are worried and feel pain about the involvement of their homeland in the ongoing war conflict. 

  • We provide our Ukrainian students with Hungarian citizenship, Hungarians beyond borders and other nationalities support and the possibility to use psychological help if necessary.
  • Óbuda University assures its students of Russian citizenship that they cannot be discriminated against in our institution due to the situation in Ukraine. It is important for us to be able to continue their studies without prejudice.
  • The university provides psychological assistance for students from the affected area in dealing with trauma that has affected or threatened their families.
We hope that peace will be restored in Ukraine as soon as possible, and we believe in the possibility of a peaceful settlement of disputes, in respect of the Law.
Updated: 10.05.2024.