Life in Budapest

Budapest is an exciting, dynamically developing European city, the most populous city in Hungary with over 1.700.000 people. This liveable and likeable city is one of the most popular tourist destination and offers a wealth of experiences and opportunities for fun and quality time not only for tourists but who stays longer as well. Student life is thriving, international students support each other.

Where to stay
For those visiting Budapest for a shorter stay, there is a wide range of hotels, student hostels and Airbnb accommodation. Those who come to study at Óbuda University can apply for a dormitory room or rent an apartment or room. Living costs are cheaper than in most European cities (a shared flat downtown is 80-100.000 HUF, appr. 250-300 euros, depending which part of the city you live in).

Fun and culture
If you want to go out with friends there are plenty of cafés, bakeries, pubs and food court in Budapest downtown (e.g. Ráday, Kazinczy, Király street). The famous ‘party district’ and other party places offers incomparable experience for youths not only at the weekend. Óbuda University’s Students’ Union also organizes lot of events where you can make friends or have fun.
The cultural life is a big part of Budapest: music event, concerts (from classical to electronic), various cinema and museums (cheaper with a student card) and theatres enrich everyday life.
You can try out escape rooms, cooking classes or even a flight simulation programme here.

Leisure and sport
Óbuda University offers many sports facilities, but there are also many places with free outdoor gyms, gyms or dance classes and you can enjoy swimming pools and thermal baths (Széchenyi Thermal Bath, Rudas Thermal Bath, etc.) as well. There are several different types of organized walks in the city and you can try the ice-skating in the winter.
If you love nature, you don’t have to go far: you can run or picnic in several large parks (e.g. Városliget, Margitsziget) and small parks in town, and you don’t have to leave the city to go hiking (e.g. Rejtő Sándor Faculty of Light Industry and Environmental Engineering’s nature trail, the hiking trails and lookouts of the Buda Hills).
There are many sporting events and competitions in Budapest, e.g. matches of European Football Championships, partly the Giro d’Italia and the Kayak Canoe World Cup were held here recently.

Food and gastronomy
Food and daily supplies can be found in several types of shops around town, also a number of market halls, which offer home-grown products.
If you’re not in the mood to cook, you can choose from cheaper self-service or Michelin-starred restaurants, fast food, street food trucks, including Hungarian and world cuisine, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free and quick home delivery services.

Public transport is really good in Budapest, you can reach everywhere by bus, tram, metro or trolleybus. It works through the night as well and a monthly student pass costs only 3750 HUF (10 euros). You can rent a bike, roller for a very small monthly amount or even a car.

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Updated: 10.05.2024.