Rules and Regulations

The Hungarian higher education system may be very different to your own educational system at home.

Readers should be aware that only the Hungarian versions of the regulations have legal force. The English translation is strictly for reference and cannot be invoked as a legal tool.


  • Please contribute to education quality improvements by completing the questionnaires on assessment of professors’ work and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the token system.
  • Teaching break from 12:35 on 28 April 2021 (Wednesday)
  • Rector’s Instruction No. 7/2021 (VIII. 26.) on the dormitory placement at Óbuda University on the rules in the dormitory housing and the reception of guests


Óbuda University has completed its institutional action plan to manage the epidemiological alertness situation; it keeps on-going contacts with the relevant organizations, updating its rules of procedure by taking into consideration the recommendations of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology and regulatory amendments, observance of and compliance with which is mandatory for each university citizen. The University makes every reasonable attempt to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Special rules announced either by the Hungarian Government or the local authorities

  • Wearing a face mask is obligatory using the public transport. Those who violate these rules are obliged to pay a fine.

Please be informed that in accordance with the Rector’s Order that is effective from 15th November 2021:

  1. From 15th November 2021 wearing a mask is compulsory at the whole area of the University for all students and employees.
  2. The education continues in hybrid form. In case a teacher is infected with SARS-CoV-2, the Dean of the Faculty can decide whether the education and the exams continue online during the quarantine.
  3. If the teacher can teach online, then the Faculty of the Dean can permit the online classes and exams.
  4. In case the student is infected with SARS-CoV-2 and because of this he/she misses more classes that it is permitted according to the Study and Examination Regulations, they can ask for preferential study scheme that can be permitted by the Dean of the Faculty.
  5. The vaccine is available for foreign students as well, therefore, it is highly recommended for you to take it.
Updated: 25.08.2023.