The Rector of Óbuda University is Prof. Dr. habil. Levente Kovács.

The Rector is responsible for the operation of the University, and he is the main representative of the institution. The Rector may delegate his right of representation on a permanent basis or on a case-by-case basis for specific matters.

The Rector shall be appointed and dismissed by the President of Hungary based on the decision of the Senate and the approval of the Reservation, upon the proposal of the authority responsible for the maintenance. The authority responsible for the maintenance is responsible for the Rector.

The Rector shall be responsible for the proper operation and management of the University and shall exercise full employer’s rights over the employees and the rights of the principal in connection with the contract of employment. The Rector may delegate the exercise of part of his rights and rights as employer in accordance with the provisions of the Organisation and Functioning Regulations.

The duties and rights of the Rector of Óbuda University are described in detail in Volume 1 of the Organisational and Operational Regulations of Óbuda University.

General Vice-Rector

The acting Vice-Rector of Óbuda University is Prof. Dr. András Molnár. He is in charge of replacing the Rector in case of his unavailability, or in case of the position is not filled. He is the general substitute of the Rector of the University and represents the Rector in the authorities, national and international organisations, and other bodies.

The Vice-Rector contributes to the elaboration of the Institutional Development Plan, to its monitoring system and to the monitoring of its implementation. He liaises with the regional development committees, institutions and social organisations involved in the implementation of development programmes. The Vice-Rector manages institutional accreditation processes and liaises with the Hungarian Accreditation Commission for Higher Education. Coordinates the preparation of university-wide events, supervises, and organises professional and social contacts. Professionally manages and coordinates the University’s enrolment communication and marketing activities.

Vice-Rector for Industrial and Business Relations

The Vice Rector for Industrial and Business Relations of Óbuda University is Dr. habil. Imre Felde. His main task is to coordinate, supervise and organise the University’s activities related to the private sector. The Vice-Rector for Industrial and Business Relations is responsible, under the authority delegated by the Rector, for the supervision of the University’s professional activities related to intellectual property rights, the coordination and supervision of the University’s activities related to the promotion of research, innovation and the University’s industrial and business role.

The Vice-Rector for Industrial and Business Relations is also responsible for the identification, assessment, evaluation, and coordination of strategic initiatives that have the potential to bring significant industrial and business benefits to the University.

He is also responsible for coordinating the University’s business relations and for defining the focus of cooperation and the regulation of related activities.

The Vice-Rector for Industrial and Business Relations is responsible for the professional management and supervision of the University’s activities in the field of research and research promotion, taking into account best international practices.

Vice Rector for Research

The Vice Rector for Research of the Óbuda University is Prof. Dr. László Gulácsi. His main task is the supervision, organisation and coordination of the University’s research and academic activities and its international activities atinstitutional level. The Vice Rector for Research is responsible – within the authority delegated by the Rector – for the development of the University’s scientific, research, development, and innovation strategy, for increasing R&D activity, for the development of the University’s international relations and for the operation of the University in these areas in accordance with the law.

In particular, the Vice Rector for Research is responsible for: developing the University’s national and international research, scientific and innovation strategy, supervising its science management activities, including the management and supervision of the registration of R&D&I and publication activities at the University and the related data provision. Chairing and supervising the activities of the University’s Scientific Council. Other duties include: coordinating and supervising the University’s scientific activities in the field of basic research and innovation at institutional level, managing the quality assessment system related to scientific activities, supervising the students’ scientific activities at university level, managing and supervising the registration of R&D&I and publication activities and the related data provision, strategic issues of providing scientific and research grants, coordinating the scientific conferences of the faculties, professional supervision and coordination of the university events of the Hungarian Science Day, the operation of the institutional application system supporting international and domestic conference participation, ensuring the consistency of management opportunities and obligations in the area of supervision, the efficient operation of the preliminary and follow-up management control integrated into the scientific process, the coordination of tasks related to further scientific training, the coordination of the University’s scientific dissemination activities, compliance with the provisions of the regulations on domestic and foreign postings, the professional supervision of library and content development services and strategic issues, the management of the University Scientific Council. Liaising with the University Doctoral Students’ Council and supervising its legal operation. Contributes to the development of the University’s Strategy and Institutional Development Plan, the central academic administration of the doctoral schools, and the handling of complaints and appeals from doctoral students. The Vice Rector for Research, at the request of the Rector, shall deputise for the Rector in: university and external protocol procedures, conferences and meetings on academic and research management issues, events and meetings on academic and research management issues, and official procedures.

Vice-Rector for Education

The acting Vice Rector for Education of Óbuda University is Dr. habil. Ervin Rácz. Vice Rector for Education is responsible for educational matters and is directly subordinate to the Rector. The Vice Rector for Education is responsible for the development of the University’s educational strategy, for raising the quality of educational activities and for ensuring that they comply with the law.

His duties include the coordination of educational activities of the University, the supervision, professional management and control of the administration, the preparation of the draft content of University regulations on education, the development and organisation of the implementation of concepts for the development and modernisation of the educational activities of the institution, the coordination of the preparation of applications for the establishment of specialisations at University level, the preparation of proposals and their submission to the Senate. Directing the development of curricular guidelines at university level, tasks relating to the supply of teaching materials. He is responsible for the coordination of the admission procedure at university level, is responsible for the professional content of the Neptun system, supervises the operation of the Neptun Student Academic, Information and Financial System, decides on admission appeals in accordance with the authority delegated to him by the Rector, and enforces the provisions of the Student Requirements System Regulations. Contributes to the development and implementation of the Institutional Development Plan. It manages the quality evaluation system for teaching activities with reference to the student evaluation of teaching work and the measurement of teaching performance.

The Vice Rector for Education liaises with the University Student Council.


The dean is the head of the faculty, over whom the rector exercises the authority of the employer.

The Dean’s duties include, within the scope of the powers delegated by the Rector and within the scope defined by the Rector, representing the University and the Faculty, directing, coordinating and controlling the training and scientific research, administrative and framework management activities of the Faculty, and disposing of the budgetary appropriations, assets and other resources available to the Faculty in accordance with the law and the University regulations.

The Deans of Óbuda University

Alba Regia Technical Faculty (AMK)
Prof. Dr. Györök György
Bánki Donát Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering (BGK)
Prof. Dr. Zoltán Rajnai
Kandó Kálmán Faculty of Electrical Engineering (KVK)
Prof. Dr. György Molnár
Keleti Károly Faculty of Business and Management (KGK)
Dr. habil. Mónika Garai-Fodor 
John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics (NIK)
Dr. György Eigner
Rejtő Sándor Faculty of Light Industry and Environmental Protection Engineering (RKK)
Dr. habil. László Koltai
Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering (YBL)
Prof. Dr. Anthony Gall 

Director-General of the University Research and Innovation Center

The University Research and Innovation Center established by Óbuda University is an autonomous organisational unit directly subordinated to the Rector, which is engaged in scientific research, development and innovation activities in several scientific and professional fields, as well as in science related education.

It is headed by the Director General, Prof. Dr. Tamás Haidegger. The Rector exercises the authority over the Director General.

The Director General is responsible for representing the University and the Center within the scope of the powers delegated by the Rector, he is responsible for managing and coordinating the scientific research, organisation, training and related economic activities of the Center, for managing the budget appropriations and other resources available to the Center in accordance with the law and the University regulations. He is also responsible for drafting the development plan of the Center and for organising the implementation of the approved plan. He is also responsible for the management of the Center’s international relations, the management of its departments, the supervision and control of the Center’s activities in the fields of labour, fire and property protection, and the exercise of the employer’s rights. Exercising the right liaising with the Student Self-Government, ensuring the enforcement of the provisions relating to the rights and obligations arising from the student status, effective operation of the integrated, preliminary and ex-post management control, procedure in all matters which are referred to the competence of the law and regulations. The Director-General is assisted in his duties by a Deputy Director-General or, if he is cannot fulfil its obligation the Deputy Director-General shall step in. The Deputy Director-General shall be appointed by the Rector, on a proposal from the Center’s Council, for a maximum term of 3 years. The Deputy Director-General shall in particular: assist the Director-General in organisational, administrative and operational matters, deputise for the Director-General in the event of his absence, and exercise signature powers.

Director-General for Economic Affairs

Botond Fehér is the Chief Financial Officer of Óbuda University, who organises the administrative activities of the Directorate General, plans the budget and other central financial resources in cooperation with the university and faculty management. He is responsible for the financial management of the University’s payroll, labour records and data reporting, organises and controls planning, management, accounting and the underlying documentary system and related business, establishes the rules for commitments and authorisations, and ensures the implementation of and compliance with management and financial legislation. Provides financial management services to departments to support their revenue-generating activities and provides professional supervision of the management activities of autonomous units.

Director-General for International Affairs

Bial Tibor is the Director General for International Affairs holds a pivotal role in steering the educational and scientific initiatives stemming from the University’s international engagements. This position involves the oversight of organizational functions related to international relations, including the direction of the international directorate and its various units. One of the key responsibilities is to manage and facilitate international university cooperation agreements with foreign institution.In addition to this, the Director General is entrusted with the management of strategic international partnerships, fostering collaborations that contribute to the global standing of the University. This encompasses coordinating receptions for foreign delegations and orchestrating the University’s active participation in international educational, scientific, and innovation exhibitions and events. Furthermore, the role involves providing crucial support to the University’s units in the exploration and implementation of collaborative agreements at both the departmental and institutional levels. This collaborative effort extends to working closely with units on initiatives related to international education research and the internationalization of rankings. The Director General plays a pivotal role in supporting the execution of the institutional development plans aimed at internationalization. This involves actively engaging in the formulation of action plans and preparatory materials essential for the effective implementation of internationalization strategies across various facets of the University’s operations.

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