Research fields

R&D and innovation are key tasks of Óbuda University, which form a harmonious unit with education. It is carried out in high-quality, internationally recognized research, European and domestic research projects, as well as in developments and innovation serving the latest needs of the industry. The University supports the establishment of research groups that satisfy market needs and lays the foundation of various production processes. It also initiates the establishment of competence centers that cooperate intensively with market players and carry out outstanding research, development and innovation activities.

Óbuda University is an active player in the international scientific community, providing outstanding results in the fields of machine intelligence, robotics, medical systems, intelligent systems, a large volume of data, the Internet, materials, critical infrastructure, security and green technologies. ÓU has relations with more than 90 countries, and has also signed 185 educational cooperation agreements. Moreover, ÓU is involved in 71 domestic and international research projects (more than 20 are EU-funded) and participates in 300 bilateral international programs. Our main international research partners include institutions in Viet Nam, Germany, Hong Kong, the UK and Australia. Furthermore, Óbuda University organizes around 15 international scientific conferences a year. It offers an exciting, up-to-date, studentfriendly, creative and supportive environment for learning and research, with an emphasis on both basic and applied research, internationalization, green and sustainable development, research, innovation, lifelong learning and networking and cooperation with industry partners.

Among the diverse research portfolio, four strategic areas stand out, which have an outstanding publication output in the field of computer science in Hungary:

  • Robotics and Industry 4.0.
  • Health Informatics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Green Energy

Young University

Although  Óbuda University was founded in 2010 and has embraced an innovative approach as a young University, it is closely following the traditions of its predecessor institutions and thus keeping strong unity of the university. Óbuda University was ranked between 301 and 350 by the Times Higher Education Young University in 2022, making it the only university in Hungary to be ranked in this category.

Talent Management

Óbuda University grants several scholarships and prizes to encourage researchers and students to pursue research careers. This year, for the second time, The following awards were presented: “the Researcher of the year”, “the most cited researcher of the year”, “the student publication award in PhD category”, “the Student publication award in BSc/MSc category”. This year the Rector of Óbuda University has established the Distinguished Professor, Consolidator Researcher, Starting Excellence Researcher programmes to recognise outstanding researchers of the University.


In order to better meet international expectations, the University launched the internationalisation project in 2021 which started with an institutional assessment carried out in cooperation with the Tempus Public Foundation. In addition to developing international research, the project’s aim is to increase the level of internationalisation of the university.

Updated: 10.05.2024.