Ágoston Trefort Centre for Engineering Education



1081 Budapest, Népszínház str. 8.


Head Office
+36 (1) 666-5389
Head Office
+36 (1) 666-5491

In order to harmonize with the engineering courses offered by the University the Centre for Engineering Education a Bachelor’s Course in Technical Teacher Training and a Master’s Course in Engineering Teaching are offered. The Technical Teacher Training BSc Course prepares students for leading vocational training. The Engineering Teaching MA prepares students to teach theoretical subjects both inside and external from the educational system and to manage research, planning and development jobs in connection with engineering education, and furthermore provides a basis for acquiring a scientific degree. Furthermore, the Centre offers postgraduate course for Mentor training and HVT courses for Instructor on practice and Assistant of specialised training. We have an international education program abroad, Informatics Engineering Teaching MA course in Serbia.
Updated: 05.08.2021.