Web development using PHP/Symphony - NAIWD1SVND

Academic year/semester: 2023/24/2

ECTS Credits: 4

Available for: Only for the faculty’s students

Lecture hours: 2
Practice: 0
Laboratory: 2
Consultation: 0


Course Leader: Dr. Király Zoltán

Faculty: John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics, 1034 Budapest, Bécsi út 96/b

Course Description:
Students should familiarize themselves with the basics of PHP programming and advanced PHP programming. Be able to independently create interactive web pages. Be aware of the dangers plaguing websites. Be able to eliminate the most common sources of danger with the help of PHP elements. Learn the basics of the Symfony framework. Introduction to PHP programming. Management of server-side data, beacons, databases in PHP. PHP Defense Strategies. Commonly used PHP functions. Introduction to the use of the Symfony framework.


1. Web server, MySQL server PHP compiler installation. Basics of PHP. Characteristics of weakly typed languages. PHP variables, functions,
2. PHP file management, TXT file management, HTML form management
3. PHP OOP; MySQL management basics, guest book
4. PDO treathment
5 Session, cookie management
6. PHP XML handling, simple, DOM
7. written examination 1
8. PHP DIG, securityg
9. PHP error handlings
10. Symfony basic, Twig
11. Doctrine
12. Symphony modes
13. Written examination 2
14. Pót ZH

Assessment: Achieving a score of better than 50% on the two tests separately is the signature.

Exam Types:

Final Exam

Compulsory bibliography: SensioLabs: Symfony - The Book (http://symfony.com/doc/current/book/index.html) http://w3schools.com/HTML/default.asp; http://w3schools.com/PHP/default.asp; http://uk.php.net/

Recommended bibliography: C. Musciano, B. Kennyedy: HTML & XHTML, The Definitive Guide [O\'Reilly, 2000, pdf, ISBN 9780596527327] D. Sklar, A. Trachtenberg: PHP Cookbook [O\'Reilly, 2002, pdf, ISBN 9781565926813] J. Castagnetto, H. Rawat, S. Schumann, C. Scollo, D. Veliath: Professional PHP Programming [Wrox Press Ltd, 1999, pdf, ISBN 1-861002-96-3] M. Maslakowski: Teach Yourself MySQL in 21 Days [Sams, 2000, pdf, ISBN: 9780672319143] http://symfony.com/doc/current/index.html

Additional bibliography: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/ http://w3schools.com/JS/default.asp; http://w3schools.com/CSS/default.asp

Additional Information: