Supply Chain and Logistics Execution (Transportation and Warehousing) - GSVSC0BMNE

Academic year/semester: 2023/24/2

ECTS Credits: 4

Available for: All OU students

Lecture hours: 2
Practice: 0
Laboratory: 0
Consultation: 0

Prerequisites: -

Course Leader: Dr. Lazányi Kornélia

Faculty: Keleti Károly Faculty of Business and Management, 1084 Budapest, Tavaszmező utca 17.

Course Description:
The aim of the course is to present students with methods and techniques of warehouse management to improve their skills of
transport optimizing. With the help of the course, students will possess knowledge about the main aims of warehouse and transport management, about
decision structures used in warehouse and transport management and how to improve transport and warehousing processes with using IT systems.
Students will be able to assess the effectiveness of different decision variants in the area of transportation and warehousing and apply standards
to solve logistics problems in area of transportation and warehousing.


1.Transport mode
2.Transport supplier agreements
3.Transport scheduling
4.Distribution network
5.Logistics service providers
6.Transport indicators and meters
7.Transport management systems (TMS)
8.Warehouse costs
9.Health and safety programme
10.Storage systems
11.Risk management in warehouse
12.Technology in warehousing
13.5S programme in warehouse environment
14.Warehouse management system (WMS)

Assessment: 100% of the grade is the final exam, which is a written exam consisting of single choice questions, definitions and calculation tasks. Extra point can be gathered through midterm tests.

Exam Types:

Final Exam

Compulsory bibliography: Marcin Hajdul, Tone Lerher, Fabio Sgarbossa: Supply Chain Execution - TRANSPORTATION and WAREHOUSING Additional course materials were provided via the e-learning system of Óbuda University

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