About my vision and plans

The Senate have given me a task, namely to put Óbuda University on a steady path of growth which reacts to the accelerated changes of the 21st century and to do so with the future in mind. I regard this new role as a service. Rewriting the famous lines by Attila József, I might say that I will teach my people both in Hungary and around the Carpathian basin not only college, but universal university knowledge. I am of the opinion that the base and goal of such a gigantic challenge can only be the university community itself. Winning the support of this community can primarily be done by outlining the goals we need to reach together. I hope these goals I am about to detail will be to the liking of all the members of this community.

I would wish to empower all the members of the community to take an active part in working towards our goals and implement the strategy of the university. In order to succeed, the needs of the community should be taken into account and I wish to offer predictable professional pathways to everybody who is committed to playing a part in this process. I have the intention of opening up dialogues between the units and faculties of the university so as to minimise fragmentation and discuss the viability of eliminating parallel structures. I strongly agree with Hungarian poet Mihály Váci who wrote that “To desire good’s not enough: / to want what’s good’s needed! / And to want it isn’t enough, / actions, deeds are needed! / Meaning well alone won’t do! / More’s needed: – common sense! / What’s the use of cold reason?! / More’s needed: – sentiments!”

Only by improving the quality of education and following the international trends and the Hungarian labour market predictions can we reach a leading position. I wish to incorporate feedback from our alumni into our study programmes as they are the ones who have first-hand experience on how they managed to get by at their workplaces using the knowledge they acquired at Óbuda University. I also intend to allocate more resources to our online educational portfolio and wish to show our colleagues who are engaged in high-quality research that it is worth undertaking research at our institution and that instead of looking at their day-to-day tasks as work, it should be their passion.

Updated: 26.02.2024.