The country's first Innovation Management Doctoral School

The Innovation Management Doctoral School, the fourth doctoral school of Óbuda University, which offers PhD degrees and habilitation opportunities in management and organisation, held its inaugural meeting. The ÓU contributes to strengthening the competitiveness of Hungary by developing new interdisciplinary courses and specialisations, which are significantly promoted by the launch of a unique doctoral school in Hungary," emphasised Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács, Rector of Óbuda University. He added that the doctoral school is already attracting considerable international interest, especially from Central Asian countries.

"There are not many similar doctoral schools in Hungary, nor in the EU," said Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács at the inaugural meeting of the new doctoral school's council. The aim is to attract foreign students as well as domestic applicants, which seems to be in great demand, and there has been interest from Central Asian governments.

"We also aim to be an investing university based on an innovation ecosystem, with a strong international market presence," he added, referring to the three science parks that the university is developing as projects, which offer significant scientific, innovation and business opportunities.

The Innovation Management Doctoral School Council is chaired by the Head of the Doctoral School, Prof. Dr. László Gulácsi, Vice Rector for Research, who emphasized the importance of the newly established doctoral school, saying that "with the intellectual and infrastructural base of the ÓU, and the commitment of our colleagues, we are destined for success".
The launching of the Innovation Management Doctoral School was initiated by Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács, with the approval of the Univeristy Doctoral and Habilitation Council, and registered and approved by the Education Office, based on the decision of the Hungarian Accreditation Board of 24 February 2023 (Decision MAB 2023/2/XII. The Hungarian Accreditation Board has also approved the appointment of the core members who guarantee the professional quality of the doctoral school on the basis of their academic activity. The members of the Council of the Doctoral School (the professional body which assists the Head of the Doctoral School) are elected by the members of the Council. The members of the Innovation Management Doctoral School Councilwere voted at the inaugural meeting on 5 May, and Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács ceremonially handed over the professional responsibilities to Prof. Dr. József Fogarasi, Dr. Mónika Habil Garai-Fodor, Dr. István Szabó, Prof. Dr. István Takács, Prof. Dr. Dr. Takácsné György Katalin, Dr. Zsombor Zrubka, and on behalf of the administration Mariann Békésy and Beatrix Kollár-Buzdogány, as well as Marianna Kucarov, representing the Students’ Union of the University. The event was attended online by Prof. Dr. Péter Karácsony and Dr. habil. Orsolya Szigeti.

The doctoral programme, which will start in September 2023, will be based on the master's degree in economics, while the new doctoral school will offer students from any discipline the opportunity to acquire the highest level of innovation management skills to ensure the market success of a scientific discovery and its social exploitation. The Innovation Management Doctoral School has developed its training programme primarily focusing on the research focus areas of the ÓU, which, in addition to theoretical knowledge, organically supports the industrial and business exploitation of university innovations.

Alongside technological innovation, business and social innovation is an essential element of competitiveness: professional and economic research, management culture, legal and institutional development that underpin and strengthen competitiveness.

In the Innovation Management Doctoral School's unique national programme, doctoral students can apply for public scholarships or self-funding. It is open to both academia and practitioners.

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The Óbuda University in the Innovation Section of the Hungarian Economic Association

The Innovation Section of the Hungarian Economic Association (HEA) held its inaugural meeting on 3 February. The 23 founding members elected István Szabó, Vice President of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office and Associate Professor of Óbuda University, as the President of the Section. Magdolna Csath Magdolna, professor and doctoral student of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, was elected vice-president and Klaudia Gabriella Horváth, PhD student, was elected secretary.
Among the founding members of the section are László Gulácsi, Vice-Rector of Science at Óbuda University; László Ábrahám, Managing Director of Sensirion Kft.; Melinda Kamasz, Director of the Knowledge. hu portal; Nikolett Deutsch, Head of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Corvinus University of Budapest; and several lecturers from the National University of Public Service, the University of Pannonia, the University of Miskolc, the Óbuda University and the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
Updated: 10.05.2023.

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