The Latest Issue of Journal Acta Polytechnica Hungarica has been Released (127)

Having excellent national and international members of the Editorial Board, the latest issue of Acta Polytechnica Hungarica has been released (Volume 19, Issue Number 9, 2022) with the papers below.

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In this issue

Vibration-based Fault Detection System with IoT Capabilities for a Conveyor Machine
Ricardo Martínez-Parrales, Adriana del Carmen Téllez-Anguiano
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.9.2022.9.1

Hungarian Participation in JUICE Project of European Space Agency
János Nagy, László Hevesi, Pál Gábor Vizi, Lajos Szalai, István Horváth, Sándor Szalai, Atakan Sirin
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.9.2022.9.2

Pneumatic Tyre Aquaplaning: an Experimental Investigation on Manifestations and Influences of Appearance
Andreas Fichtinger, Ádám Bárdos, Zsolt Szalay, Johannes Edelmann, Manfred Plöchl
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.9.2022.9.3

On the other Side of Technology: Examining of Different Behavior Patterns with Artificial Intelligence
Bernadett Domokos, Zoltán Baracskai
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.9.2022.9.4

Asset Management of Large Electric Machines through Monitoring of Electric Insulation
Pavel Trnka, Magdalena Trnkova
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.9.2022.9.5

A New Method to Increase Feedback for Programming Tasks During Automatic Evaluation
Piroska Biró, Tamás Kádek, Márk Kósa, János Pánovics
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.9.2022.9.6

FEM Parameterized Sensorless Vector Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronus Machines using High-Frequency Synchronous Voltage Injection Method
Gergely Szabó, Károly Veszprémi
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.9.2022.9.7

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Life Cycle at the Automotive Semi-Automatic Assembly Lines
Péter Dobra, János Jósvai
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.9.2022.9.8

A New Velocity Planning Method for Autonomous Robots with Varying Mass
Simge Unsal, Murat Cenk Yilmaz, Yasin Yagin, Hatice Kubra Oner, Volkan Sezer
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.9.2022.9.9

Paying for Digital Health Interventions – What Evidence is Needed?
Vladimir Zah, Anita Burrell, Carl Asche, Zsombor Zrubka
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.9.2022.9.10

Forecasting of Residential Power Consumer Load Profiles Using a Type-2 Fuzzy Inference System
Piotr Kapler
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.9.2022.9.11

Critical Failure Factors of Process Development by the Lean Office Methodology
Tamás Csiszér
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.9.2022.9.12

Investigation of the Pressure Drop in the Shell Side of the Evaporator
Róbert Sánta, Igor Fürstner
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.9.2022.9.13
Updated: 15.12.2022.

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