Széchenyi Funds and Óbuda University support refugee students from Ukraine with scholarships

The war in Ukraine, which has been going on for almost 5 months, has forced thousands of young Ukrainians and Hungarians from Ukraine and Transcarpathia to flee. Many of them had to interrupt their studies. To help them, the Széchenyi Funds and Óbuda University are now launching a scholarship competition to help them continue their studies in Hungary.

The Széchenyi Funds and Óbuda University are launching a joint HUF 10 million application to provide long-term support for students who are refugees from Ukraine and are pursuing their higher education studies. The aim of the programme is not only to enable them to complete their studies, but also to give them the opportunity to find a job in Hungary as professionals in a field relevant to their qualifications. The document was signed by Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács, Rector of the University, and Dénes Jobbágy, Chaiman and CEO of the Széchenyi Funds. Following the signing ceremony, the Rector of Óbuda University emphasised the importance of solidarity and responsibility, stressing that this is not the first time that the institution has provided assistance to young people and families in difficult situations due to the war in the neighbourhood. "In response to the effects of the unfortunately protracted war conflict, we need to maintain the possibility of support, and the Széchenyi Funds are an excellent partner in this", added the Rector, who said that the aspect of ensuring that future professionals stay here by providing training and housing is also important for the economic development of the region.

For students accepted into the programme, the University and the fund manager will provide tuition waivers, accommodation, spending money and other facilities. Those who are determined and hard-working will get a work placement or even a job at the Széchenyi Funds and can have a bright career in Hungary," said Dénes Jobbágy.

Since the outbreak of the war, 1.3 million Ukrainians have crossed the Hungarian border, and an estimated 50-100,000 are still in the country, including many young people who have been forced to interrupt their higher education. In this situation, the Széchenyi Fund and the scholarship programme of Óbuda University offer a future-proof opportunity to those who wish to continue their studies in technical or economic fields.


Find out more about the conditions for applying here.
Updated: 28.07.2022.

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