New technologies are key to the development of modern cities. But creating a sustainable world requires looking beyond technology. The long-term goal of experts is to transform cities into places where people feel at home and want to live their lives. Cities can be seen as complex ecosystems of people, technologies and environments interacting with each other, starting with infrastructure and mobility, and extending to energy use, water management, ecology, food production, logistics and health. A balance of all these can lead to a true Smart City concept. It is important that they complement each other, that they have an impact on the environment and that they provide valuable services to residents.
It is on the basis of these important themes that the idea of the City For The Future Forum was born. The technologies and services presented by participants at the event can contribute to sustainable urban development, in harmony with the needs of the population and nature, which is in the interest of all urban planners to know and put into practice for the benefit of its development and sustainability.

At the "City For The Future Budapest 2022: Smart City Expo & B2B Forum" you can learn more about current technology trends in smart cities and meet innovative Czech and Hungarian smart city service providers.

For more information, please see the invitation.
Updated: 06.04.2022.

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