Solidarity - We condemn all forms of war

Óbuda University expresses its solidarity with the situation in Ukraine. We express our condolences to those of our students, teachers and employees who have been in pain as a result of the involvement of their homeland. We condemn all forms of war!

We provide our Ukrainian students with Hungarian citizenship, Hungarians beyond borders and other nationalities support and the possibility to use psychological help if necessary. Óbuda University is doing its utmost to smoothe the situation and prevent the development of a humanitarian crisis. It offers its assistance to all concerned, especially to the managers, employees and students of higher education institutions. Within our capacity, we provide assistance in the accommodation and care of refugee students arriving to Hungary with dormitory places, and we also ensure that they can continue their studies in our study programs. The management of the university and the Student Government have jointly started to develop a support package that will allow us to create safe and calm conditions for students affected by the crisis to continue their studies.

We hope that peace will be restored in Ukraine as soon as possible, and we believe in the possibility of a peaceful settlement of disputes, in respect of the Law.
Updated: 07.04.2022.

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