Tuition fees

All tuition fees must be paid prior to enrollment. Proof of payment via bank transfer will need to be presented. In cases of either late or partially paid tuition fees, the University reserves the right to refuse enrollment.


  • Tuition fees are generally non-refundable.
  • Inquire in your bank if there is a handling fee for your money transfer to ensure that full tuition amount be transferred.

Tuition fees for 2021/2022 academic year are as follows:

Non – EEA applicants EU/EEA applicants
Undergraduate BSc EUR 3200 / semester EUR 2000 / semester
Graduate MSc EUR 3500 / semester EUR 2500 / semester
Doctoral PhD EUR 4500 / semester EUR 3500 / semester
Tuition fees for freemover students
(courses leading to no degree)
EUR 110 / credit points
(min. 12 lessons / week)
EUR 100 / credit points
(min. 12 lessons / week)

University Bank Account Number
for payments of application and tuition fees (only bank transfer accepted):

  • Bank name: MKB Bank Nyrt.
  • Bank address: 1056 Budapest, Váci utca 38.
  • Swift Code: MKKBHUHB
  • IBAN Code: HU38103000021326813900014901
  • Beneficiary name: Óbuda University
  • Beneficiary address: H-1034 Budapest, Bécsi u. 96/B, Hungary


Remember to write the student’s name and registration number according to the Letter of Acceptance in the box “Information for beneficiary” when transferring the registration fee and tuition fee, otherwise payments may not be identified.


Updated: 14.01.2022.