Óbuda University provides study opportunities for students affected by the Russian-Ukrainian war

The Rudolf Kalman Foundation for Óbuda University and Óbuda University provide accommodation, care, study opportunities, online courses, guest student status, flexible administration and a number of discounts for foreign students affected by the war conflict in Ukraine. The management of the institution wants to help young people in difficult situations by:

Accommodation for students from Ukraine affected by the crisis

  • Within the limits of our capacity, we provide assistance in accommodation and care of refugee students arriving in Hungary with our dormitory places, and we also ensure that they can continue their studies in the fields of study of our university.

Study opportunities for foreign students

  • We provide guest student status in our current courses, which are available to both Ukrainian and third-country students legally residing in Ukraine. A credit certificate will be issued for courses completed as a guest student.

  • By opening the K-MOOC courses, we enable the admission and completion of online Hungarian language courses.

Discounts for students of Óbuda University (ÓU)

  • We allow our students from Ukraine to be flexible if they encounter obstacles in connection with their study obligations and their fulfilment.

  • Óbuda University assures its students of Russian citizenship that they cannot be discriminated against in our institution due to the situation in Ukraine. It is important for us to be able to continue their studies without prejudice.

  • For those who maintain their accounts with a financial institution of Russian interest and are subject to restrictions on international payments, the payment deadline will be extended until the situation is resolved.

In response to the war conflict in our neighbourhood, the leadership of the Rudolf Kalman Foundation for the University of Óbuda and Óbuda University decided on the following:

  • ÓU opened an account number to help refugees, and the university management has already placed one million HUF on it. Donations reach those in need through organizations and municipalities in border settlements. Donations are welcome to the following account number: 10300002-13268139-00174902.

  • ÓU collects donations at two sites of the Student Government offices, on the campus of Bécsi street and Tavaszmező street, which it distributes to the Hungarian-Ukrainian border with the help of the Red Cross.

  • The university provides psychological assistance for students from the affected area in dealing with trauma that has affected or threatened their families.

  • The university, to the extent of its capacity, will open its dormitories and provide accommodation and care for those in need.

  • Óbuda University provides an opportunity for refugee students studying in the technical and economic fields to continue their studies.

  • Hungarian and Ukrainian young people from Kárpátalja will receive a special scholarship for their programs (in Hungarian and English) starting in the Fall semester.

  • ÓU will provide free places for refugees in their online and on-site adult and continuing education programs.

Contact information is available here.
Updated: 07.04.2022.

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