Óbuda University is the number one technical university in Hungary according to the Times Higher Education ranking

According to the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, published on September 2, 2021, Óbuda University which was first featured in THE, has made significant progress in the ranking of universities around the world.

The management of Óbuda University- recognizing the growing role of international rankings in higher education - a year and a half ago developed a targeted strategy to make the University more visible regarding intenational higher education ranking. In line with the Rector's strategy, a committee on international rankings was established, which also provided decision-making and implementation activities with the involvement of international experts, and collaborated with international organizations and universities to increase the educational and research performance.

The Times Higher Education World University Ranking is one of the most recognized ranking systems that examines the quality of university education, the effectiveness of research and publication activities, and takes into account the international and professional recognition of universities. Its first THE ranking appearance and the progress of Óbuda University clearly indicate the excellence and dynamic development of these areas as a result of targeted strategic decisions.

The pace of development of our university is well illustrated by the fact that while previously (2019) we were ranked in the range of 2000-2100, based on the 2019-2020 data the university was simulated around the 1350th place. One year later, in the international ranking published on September 2, 2021, Óbuda University, as a newly ranked university, was classified in the range of 1001-1200. ÓU has caught up directly behind the Semmelweis University of Medicine and the large Hungarian universities, with this position we have become the highest ranked technical university in Hungary.

Óbuda University strives to maintain its position as the number one technical university and provides students with an internship, high-quality education, a predictable and successful research career and the opportunity to join international projects.
Updated: 05.04.2022.

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