The Latest Issue of Journal Acta Polytechnica Hungarica has been Released (112)

Having excellent national and international members of the Editorial Board, the latest issue of Acta Polytechnica Hungarica has been released (Volume 18, Issue Number 5, 2021) with the papers below.

This is a special issue edited by Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács and Dr. Tamás Haidegger. Thanks to Prof. Dr. Imre J. Rudas you can get a detailed history overview of the journal.

Not only printed, but online version is available, please log on to to reach the papers.

In this issue
A Milestone of Acta Polytechnica Hungarica
Imre J. Rudas
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.5.2021.5.1

Levente Kovács, Tamás Haidegger
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.5.2021.5.2

Robotics and Intelligent Systems Against a Pandemic
Alaa Khamis, Jun Meng, Jin Wang, Ahmad Taher Azar, Edson Prestes, Howard Li, Ibrahim A. Hameed, Árpád, Takács, Imre J. Rudas, and Tamás Haidegger
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.5.2021.5.3

Direct Drive Hand Exoskeleton for Robot-assisted Post Stroke Rehabilitation
Márk Ottó Bauer, Máté Benjámin Vizi, Péter Galambos, and Tibor Szalay
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.5.2021.5.4

Developing Strategies in System Level Model of Smart Cyber Physical System
László Horváth
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.5.2021.5.5

Mass-Measurement-based Automatization of the Engler-Viscometer
Katalin Harangus, András Kakucs
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.5.2021.5.6

A convergence analysis of the Nelder-Mead simplex method
Aurél Galántai
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.5.2021.5.7

Development Level of Engineering Students’ Inductive Thinking
Péter Tóth, Kinga Horváth, Katalin Kéri
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.5.2021.5.8

Factors Affecting the Decision of Adoption Cloud Computing Technology: The Case of Jordanian Business Organizations
Thabit Atobishi, Miriam Bahna, Katalin Takács-György, Csaba Fogarassy
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.5.2021.5.9

Lower Leg Characteristics Influance on Hopping Height
Bálint Kovács, Örs Sebestyén, József Tihanyi
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.5.2021.5.10

The Relationship of Maximal Strength with the Force-Velocity Profile in Resistance Trained Women
Gergely Pálinkás, Bettina Béres, Zsófia Tróznai, Katinka Utczás, Leonidas Petridis
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.5.2021.5.11

Reading Volume Datasets from Storage – Using Segmentation Metadata, for an Enhanced User Experience
Branislav Madoš, Norbert Ádám
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.5.2021.5.12

On the Irregularity Characterization of Mean Graphs
Tamás Réti, István Barányi
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.5.2021.5.13
Updated: 03.04.2022.

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