Doctor Honoris Causa of Óbuda University, Endre Szemerédi received this year's medal of St. Stephen's Order

On August 20, 2020, Prof. Dr. Endre Szemerédi, a mathematician and an outstanding expert in graph theory, received the most prestigious state award, Order of St. Stephen, from President János Áder.

Óbuda University has been awarding Doctor Honoris Causa since 2010 in recognition of its long-standing exceptional, internationally recognized scientific work and activities done for the benefit of the university. In 2015, Endre Szemerédi, a Széchenyi and Abel Prize-winning mathematician, honored Óbuda University by accepting the DHC recognition, thus raising the international and scientific visibility of the university honors.

This year, the most prestigious state award, the Hungarian St. Stephen's Order, was presented to Endre Szemerédi by President Áder, thus paying tribute to his epoch-making achievement in the field of mathematics, with which he has raised the (primarily scientific) reputation of our country. The 80-year-old mathematician established his international prestige at the age of 35 when he proved that any series of positive densities contains an arithmetic series of any length, and his solution has thus become one of the fundamental theorems of combinatorics.

We sincerely congratulate him on his present recognition and wish him well.
(Image: President János Áder presenting the Hungarian St. Stephen's Order medal to the Abel and Széchenyi Prize-winning mathematician Endre Szemerédi, a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on the occasion of King St. Stephen’s Day on August 20, 2020. Photo: Bruzák Noémi / MTI)
Updated: 03.04.2022.

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