Summer picnic with Kenyan students from Óbuda University

Becoming a University student is an achievement. Studying abroad in another continent is a challenge. Succeeding in studies and building a social life is appreciating. Kenyan students have it all! They are here in the community of Óbuda University to share their secrets and wishes.

Meeting with some key representatives of Kenyan students studying at Óbuda University (Lilly, Dennis, Simon, Derrick, Bill) made me feel we have a natural treasure in our community. Their openness and unlimited happiness was incredible. All of them were chosen back to 1-3 years ago in Kenya based on their great academic result and honoured with the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship to study in Óbuda University as one of the priority destination. Today they are honestly talking about the challenges of the arrival to Budapest and to the dormitory. Knowing already some “Hungaricum” food specialities: lángos, túró rudi and palacsinta keeps the security even in country excursion.

Some of them have already experienced the help of the established Mentor program, he or she also became a mentor for the new comers, which they think is critical to have it in place for all the Internationals Students. Warm welcome is also highly important and that is why they offered to lead the welcome Dance Flash Mob in autumn for the newcomers this year. Olondo Dennis Orina -Chairman of Kenyan students in Hungary is a very active organizer of Summits. The Association of Kenyan Students can help each other in studies, daily life challenges, finding internships /jobs, sharing and reapplying good practices and participating in different multinational work programs such as: Equity foundation , EASEP (Education and Social Empowerment Program), KENSAP and ZAWADI. Based on their feedback they would like to be part of the Erasmus+ projects, internship, OTDK Scientific conferences.

They are here to get international experiences and we are here to share this experiences with them. There is so much to learn from each other, let’s start it now. For more stories and experiences get in touch with them through the International Education Office and let’s explore more countries together…

Updated: 08.08.2022.

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