Additional admission for 4-year doctoral (PhD) training

From September 2022, Óbuda University will start doctoral training for obtaining a PhD degree within the framework of the Doctoral School of Applied Informatics and Applied Mathematics and the Doctoral School on Safety and Security Sciences in the form of organised part-time (correspondence) training with expenses, and in the form of individual preparation.

Organised part-time (correspondence) doctoral training

It helps you to acquire the level of knowledge (body of knowledge) and scientific research experience required to obtain a doctorate (PhD). The Doctoral School assesses the performance of doctoral students through a credit system. All successful examinations and other research achievements are awarded a specific number of credits. Doctoral students may undertake teaching activities, which are also credit-bearing. Students will complete their training with a diploma, for which they must have accumulated a minimum of 240 credits. A doctoral student in an organised training programme is a student of the University. The fee is 3500 EUR per semester for EU citizens, 4500 EUR per semester for non EU citizens.

Individual preparation

Doctoral studies can also be taken up by those who have prepared for the degree individually, provided that they have fulfilled the requirements for admission and doctoral studies. In this case, the student status is established by applying for and passing the complex examination and paying a subject supervisor fee of 500 EUR per semester.

Information on doctoral training and other issues concerning the doctoral school is available on the websites. For further questions about the application process, please contact the heads of the doctoral schools.

Application deadline: 19 August 2022 (Friday) 12.00 AM (local time in Budapest)

The admission notice can be read here.
Updated: 18.07.2022.

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