International Erasmus Staff Week at Óbuda University

Between June 7-10, 2022, the very first International Erasmus Staff Week was organized by the ÓU International Education Office. The program was attended by 16 international academic staff members from 12 higher education institutions of 7 countries, mostly involved in Erasmus and other international programs.

The aim of the Erasmus Staff week is that professionals in certain fields of higher education get to know each other, share their experiences, learn about new trends and last but not least, the host university and its programs. The programs of the first Staff week were related to the international relations of ÓU and the daily work of the international coordinators. The professional program was provided by ÓU instructors and NOI staff: the introductory and ice-breaking games were followed by guest presentations and good practices. During a short walk, they visited the university buildings and the robotics laboratory of EKIK. Other topics also covered interesting ones such as an intercultural workshop and a stress management workshop. We were proud to present the Kiscelli-Doberdó educational trail developed by the Rejtő Sándor Faculty of Light Industry and Environmental Engineering, which proved to be a good recreation among the classroom programs. Among the good practices of ÓU, Ágota Drégelyi-Kiss, a lecturer at the Bánki Donát Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering, and the owner of the project, shared the cooperation experiences of the Trapsat capacity building program successfully implemented in the Balkan region. After the presentation of Mária Dudás on the mobility window, some partners also gave suggestions for the implementation. The deputy dean of Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Zsuzsanna Fáczányi and her colleagues presented the difficulties of organizing the first Erasmus BIP (blended intensive program) program, where we could see the students' plans and the project they had prepared. The one-week program ended with a boat trip to Szentendre, where the Hungarian lángos was also a great success among the international colleagues after sightseeing.
In addition to the pre-announced program, there was an opportunity to build professional relationships, with NOI staff helping the participants. In view of the positive feedback, we will be organizing the program next year with other participants, in different locations and on other current topics.


Updated: 23.06.2022.

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