Kárpát-medence versenyképességét segíthetik a felsőoktatási kapcsolatok

Global Challenges, regional responses in East-Central Europe after the Covid period was the theme of the 5th Partium Conference of the Partium Christian University (PKE) on 19 and 20 May. Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács, rector of Óbuda University, spoke on the possibilities of higher education model change in the Carpathian Basin as the speaker of the Friday plenary session. Prof. Dr. József Fogarasi, professor of the Department of Economics at the University of Szeged, stressed the importance of geo- and national policy issues.

In addition to raising the quality of education, the transformation has created a system that responds more quickly to economic needs, as the experience so far shows, and the change of model of Hungarian universities. The presentation showed that 21 institutions have so far initiated the change of model in order to achieve a more flexible and predictable operating environment, objectively measurable and accountable performance expectations, and internationally visible quality improvements. Óbuda University intends to work with the Partium Christian University to help strengthen the region's economy. The Rector recalled that they have proposed the launch of courses in business informatics in Hungarian and engineering on demand, and he sees the development of science parks as an important pillar for the future. He said that Hungarian-language higher education should play a significant role in improving the competitiveness of Partium and Transylvania.

At the meeting, Dr. Márton Péti, Vice President of the National Strategic Research Institute, and lecturers of the Corvinus University of Budapest discussed the social, economic and demographic situation of the Hungarian population in the Carpathian Basin in the post-epidemic situation in terms of international mobility. Afterwards, Dr. Anita Rácz, lecturer at the University of Debrecen, outlined the early settlement history of Bihor County with place-name historical data.

Updated: 23.05.2022.

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