The Latest Issue of Journal Acta Polytechnica Hungarica has been Released (122)

Having excellent national and international members of the Editorial Board, the latest issue of Acta Polytechnica Hungarica has been released (Volume 19, Issue Number 4, 2022) with the papers below.

Not only printed, but online version is available, please log on to to reach the papers.


In this issue:

Recognition of Toxicity of Reviews in Online Discussions
Kristína Machová, Marian Mach, Matej Vasilko
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.4.2022.4.1

Diagrams based on the Hexagonal and Triangular Grids
Benedek Nagy
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.4.2022.4.2

Force Measurement Methods for Intelligent Box-Trainer System ? Artificial Bowel Suturing Procedure
Mohammed Y. Al-Gailani, Janos L. Grantner, Saad Shebrain, Robert G. Sawyer, Ikhlas Abdel-Qader
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.4.2022.4.3

Technology Road-Mapping of Final-Energy Generator Technologies, for the Industrial Sector, in Developed European Economies
Kristóf Urbán, Szilvia Bíró-Szigeti, Béla Pataki
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.4.2022.4.4

Cloud Service for Protecting Computer Networks of Enterprises Using Intelligent Hardware and Software Devices, Based on Raspberry Pi Microcomputers
Ademi Ospanova, Aizhan Zharkimbekova, Lazzat Kussepova, Aizhan Tokkuliyeva, Makhabbat Kokkoz
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.4.2022.4.5

An Alignment-based Multi-Perspective Online Conformance Checking Technique
Zsuzsanna Nagy, Agnes Werner-Stark
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.4.2022.4.6

Computational Analysis of the Effect of Balancer on the Vibration Performance of the Engine: Experimental and Simulation
Gholamhossein Shahgholi, Sina Ardabili, Amir Shayei, Imre Felde, Amir Mosavi
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.4.2022.4.7

Fault Point Location Method, Based on Harmonics Analysis of a Distribution System
Peter Holcsik, Judith Pálfi, Zsolt Čonka, Kocsis István Bence
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.4.2022.4.8

Challenges of Utilizing Sensor Data Acquired by Smart Products in Product Development Activities
Fanika Lukačević, Stanko Škec, Tomislav Martinec, Mario Štorga
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.4.2022.4.9

Development of a Fuzzy Controlling Model to Measure the Leanness of Manufacturing Systems
Sándor Gáspár, Gergő Thalmeiner, Ákos Barta, Zoltán Zéman
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.4.2022.4.10

Solving Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem with Transportation Time Based on Neuro -Fuzzy Suggested Metaheuristics
Aleksandar Stanković, Goran Petrović, Danijel Marković, Žarko Ćojbašić
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.4.2022.4.11

Determining Factors of Motivational Dimensions (Childhood Personality and Workplace Competition Attitudes)
Arnold Tóth, Tímea Juhász, Botond Kálmán
DOI: 10.12700/APH.19.4.2022.4.12
Updated: 25.05.2022.

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