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In the service of knowledge and research, the University Research and Innovation Center (EKIK) was established at the Óbuda University with the aim of promoting innovation and applied research, at the initiative of the founding rector of Óbuda University, Prof. Dr. Imre Rudas. When it opened its doors in April 2014, it also had another strategic goal: to support the research of young, high-achieving PhD students, to create intelligent learning and research conditions, and to establish an internationally recognised research centre. Today, the EKIK has grown into an internationally renowned and respected research center.   Research centers within its organisational structure:
  • Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics (IROB)
  • BioTech Research Center (BRC)
  • Physiological Controls Research Center (PhysCon)
  • Cyber-Medical Competence Center (KIKOK)
  • Health Economics Research Center (HECON)
  EKIK's associated research centers:
  • SmartLab
  • Alternative Energy Sources Research Center (AESRC)
  • Hydro-Bio-Mechanical Systems Research Center (HBM)
  • Precision Farming Research Center (Prec_G)
  The Office for Electronic and Digital Learning Materials is part of the EKIK, manages and runs at university level by the Director of the Office:
  • Moodle system: coordinates and supports the production of electronic and digital learning materials for faculties.
  • the Carpathian Basin Online Education Centre (KMOOC).
  EKIK has specialised laboratories and high-value, state-of-the-art equipment. In particular, the unique robot park at BARK: the da Vinci surgical robot system, humanoid robots and advanced industrial robotic arms. At the EKIK, modern student common spaces are available for research and teaching. At the Óbuda University, we have established a state-of-the-art research center where we carry out major research in health informatics, sensorics, data analysis, modelling and control, biotechnology research, and we participate in the European Research Council's ERC programme, the largest European Union funding scheme for exploratory research. We collaborate with leading companies in the Hungarian medical electronics industry, from the largest to the smallest. We have an intensive and extensive relationship with the IEEE engineering organization, its Hungarian unit, the IEEE Hungary Section.  
Updated: 23.08.2023.