Training Centre and Research Site of Salgótarján (SKKK)



3100 Salgótarján, Rákóczi út 180.



+36 (70)-399-2912

In 2016, Obuda University established a new campus in Salgótarján, where we started welcoming students in 2017. Our students can be part of the city's revitalised higher education system, and they don't have to leave their home county to pursue their higher education in technical, IT and business fields. They learn from the institution's lecturers and from excellent local professionals, whose preparation is supported by e-learning materials.

We have cooperation agreements with more than 20 farming organisations in Nógrád County, where our students can spend their internships. Our training partners also welcome our students back as employees after the completion of their studies.

Students who continue their studies at the SKKK can shape the student life in Salgótarján, can be members of the large community of Obuda University, can participate in a variety of activities and can be part of the student community.


Updated: 07.07.2022.