Kandó Kálmán Faculty of Electrical Engineering



1034 Budapest, Bécsi way 94-96.

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+36 (1) 666-5101

The main task of the Faculty is to train innovative electrical engineers-to-be who are provided the extensive technical knowledge and dedicated practical professional education so they can design, produce, service and operate electrical equipment and manage the related processes. The training includes production of electricity through automation, instrumentation technology or telecommunication, thus covering the entire field of electrical engineering The Faculty also plays an important role in Engineering Teacher Training. The latest electrical disciplines and forms of education (dual training) are constantly involved in the teaching as well as advanced multimedia-based teaching methods (e - learning). Faculty staff of Engineering and Basic Sciences carry out scientific research in their respective fields (applied research, basic research areas (physics and materials sciences). The Faculty runs a consortium business in research – development - innovation (R+D+I) in the field of scientific research and development. There are 36 qualified lecturers and 22 doctoral students in the Faculty. The average number of publications is 179 (in English 95) per year. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering has traditionally good relationship with its industrial partners, including cooperative, dual, and internship programs, training and R&D cooperation, grants for material and financial support, professional conferences, and the organization of the Industry Forum. Students can take part in study trips and competitions announced by partner organizations. In addition to compulsory assignments, guest students and faculty members participate in numerous community programmes. At Kandó Kálmán Summer School, Hungarian students across the border can improve their knowledge by up-to-date experiences.


Updated: 25.08.2023.