Project Description

Mechatronics Technology and Innovation Parks – Székesfehérvár

In cooperation with Obuda University and Székesfehérvár, the Mechatronics Science and Innovation Park will be established at the Faculty of Engineering of Alba Regia.

The HUF 30-35 billion investment connects the research and development opportunities of OU with the resources of the city’s economic actors. The mechatronic park to be established in Székesfehérvár will be unique in the country, and this will provide an opportunity for industrial actors to apply the university’s knowledge pool.

In Székesfehérvár, due to local conditions, the focus is on robotics, mechatronics and aerospace developments.

As a strategic sector, university science and innovation parks and market-based technology parks will be key elements of the knowledge-based economy of the future. Our common goal is to create competitive new products and services, to develop the region and to use EU funds efficiently. Another goal is to make the science park a hub for innovation for the creative technologies of the future. The facility will represent Hungarian creativity and innovation in one place.

Project lead: Prof. Dr. György Györök, Dean of the Alba Regia Technical Faculty