Neural Fuzzy Systems Lecture Notes

Fuzzy systems

  1. An introduction to fuzzy sets. Operations on fuzzy sets. (in pdf format)
  2. Fuzzy relations (in pdf format)
  3. Fuzzy implications (in pdf format)
  4. The theory of approximate reasoning (in pdf format)
  5. Fuzzy rule-based systems (in pdf format)
  6. Fuzzy reasoning schemes (in pdf format)
  7. Fuzzy logic controllers. Effectivity of fuzzy systems. (in pdf format)

Neural networks

  1. The perceptron learning rule (in pdf format)
  2. The delta learning rule (in pdf format)
  3. The delta learning rule with semilinear activation function (in pdf format)
  4. The winner-take-all learning rule. (in pdf format)
  5. The error backpropagation learning rule. Effectivity of neural networks (in pdf format)

Fuzzy-neuro systems

  1. Implementing fuzzy IF-THEN rules by trainable neural nets. Fuzzy neuron. (in pdf format)
  2. Hybrid neural nets. ANFIS architecture. (in pdf format)
  3. Neuro-fuzzy classifiers. (in pdf format)

Lecture Notes

Introduction to Neuro-Fuzzy Systems, Advances in Soft Computing Series, Springer-Verlag, Berlin/Heildelberg, 2000, 289 pages.

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