19th International Workshop on Robotics in Alpe-Adria-Danube Region

Final Program

RAAD 2010 final program will be prepared some weeks before the workshop.


Gábor Stépán
(Technical University of Technology and Economics, Hungary): High-Flying Service Robot: A Ceiling-based Approach

Karel Jezernik (University of Maribor, Slovenia): Robot Hybrid Motion Control

János Somló (Technical University of Technology and Economics, Hungary): Time Optimál Motion of Robots

Antal K. Bejczy (USA): Robotic Challenges in Future Space Research

Oussama Khatib (Stanford University, USA): Robots for the Human


All paper must be presented either in oral session or in poster session. If a paper, included into the proceedings, fails to be presented any way at the conference, all authors of the paper will be bar out from paper submission to conferences of the organizers in the future.

Oral Presentation
Presentations can be made by using OHP or data projector. All authors are kindly asked to take their presentation on CD or USB drive. To present the paper it is not allowed to use own computer. Conference rooms are supplied with data projector with PC.

Poster Presentation
If you choose to present your paper in a poster session, not in an oral session, please prepare the presentation into 9 A4 sheets or 1 large (70x100 cm) sheet, bring it with you to the conference and post it to the chart. Poster presentation does not mean just to print out your final paper, but it should be edited to make it scenic.