POKORÁDI, László - SZAMOSI, Barna:

Fuzzy Failure Modes and Effects Analysis with Summarized Center of Gravity DeFuzzification

CINTI 2015 • 16th IEEE International Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Informatics • 19–21 November, 2015 • Budapest, Hungary, 147 - 150.


The Fuzzy Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (F-FMEA) is a rule based method of reliability estimation intended to identify potential failures which have significant consequences affecting the system performance. In a FFMEA the Probability of Failure (PoF), Consequence of Failure (CoF) and Detectability of Failure (DoF) may be determined using engineering judgment and/or based mathematical models, where the result is expressed in a terms. The Classical F-FMEA cannot handle properly the extremenesses according to the authors. This paper proposes a new method for elimination of the problem.

Reliability; F-FMEA; Summarized DeFuzzification

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