Logical Tree of Mathematical Modeling

Theory and Applications of Mathematics & Computer Science 5 (1) (2015) 20–28


During setting up a mathematical model, it can be very important and dicult task to choose input parametersthat should be known for solution of this problem. A similar problem might come up when someone wants to carryout an engineering calculation task. A very essential aim technical education is developing of good logical engineeringthinking. One main part of this thinking is to determine the potential sets of required input parameters of anengineering calculation. This paper proposes a logical tree based method to determine the required parameters of amathematical model. The method gives a lively description about needed data base, and computational sequence forus to get to determine the set of required output parameter. The shown method is named LogTreeMM - Logical Tree of Mathematical Modeling.

mathematical modeling, logical tree, engineering thinking, STEM education

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