PORTIK, Tamás, POKORÁDI, László:

The Summarized Weighted Mean of Maxima Defuzzification and Its Application at the End of the Risk Assessment Process


Nowadays, it is indispensible to take into consider the risk in modern technical management especially in hydraulic systems under different circumstances. The reliability of a hydraulic system is a well investigated area by researchers because of system damages or crash down can cause cost losses, human injuries or death. If the hydraulic system gives back imprecise or vague data and the reports of expert given by linguistic variables during the inspection then the risk assessment must be calculated with fuzzy mathematics. In this paper, the authors propose a modified fuzzy rule based risk assessment method for the risk assessment of hydraulic systems. The difference between the proposed and the original methods is the defuzzification sub process only. This defuzzification sub process is called Summarized Defuzzification (SDF).

hydraulic system; fuzzy risk assessment; Summarized Defuzzification