[GVMJE111NK]  Game Theory

Lecturer: Lszl . Kczy
Time: Mondays 1330-1510
Room: TG203
Prerequisits: No formal restrictions, but students are advised to take the course if they have followed GGTKG12GNB Microeconomics or an equivalent introduction to Microeconomics.

 Course Outline (Indicative)




Ch1. Conflict, Strategy and Games


Ch2. Games in Extensive and Normal Form


Ch3. Dominant Strategies and Social Dilemmas


Ch4. Nash Equilibrium


(Ch 5. Some Classical Cases in Game Theory


Ch6. Three-Person Games


Ch7. Probability in Game Theory


Ch8. Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibria


Ch12. Elements of Cooperative Games


Ch13. Application of the Core to Economics


Ch14 Sequential Games


Ch15. Imbedded Games


Ch16. Repeated Play


Ch19. Voting Games


Course book (you are strongly advised to get a copy):

Roger A. McCain: Game Theory - A Non-Technical Introduction to the Analysy of Strategy. ISBN: 0324175728


Course evaluation

Open book, written exam.
The exam contains 3 exercises of equal weight where the student is expected to demonstrate the understanding of the concepts of the course as well as to apply this understanding to analytical problems similar to those in the textbook. The exam is in English, but the quality of English in the solutions has little influence on the grades.

Students have the possibility to replace one of their exam questions by an essay of no more than 8 pages on a pre-approved IO topic. The essay can be written by a group of (max 3) students who will receive the same grade for the essay. The essay must be handed in before 10 am on the last Friday of the teaching period both electronically and in print. The student then indicates in the exam which question is to be replaced.

The written exam is evaluated as follows:
0-54%: fail (1)
55%-64%: pass (2)
65%-74%: good (3)
75%-84%: very good (4)
85%-100%: excellent (5)
Once the grades are available an inspection hour will be organised.

Resits: In line with faculty regulations, after due fees paid, resit at the time organised by the course coordinator. The form of the exam depends on the number of students taking it: normally oral, for a large number of students, possibly written

Exam results - 2009.

  Exam Resit 1 Resit 2 Oral resit Result (grades 1(failed)...5(excellent))
Aldona 50.5       Pass (2)
Beatriz 23   34 Pass Pass (2)
Bruno 62       Average (3)
Fabio 16 40 51   Pass (2)
Joanna 80       Good (4)
Joao 24 12 51   Pass (2)
Marcos 57       Pass (2)

There will be a resit on 6 January 2010 at 11 am.. If this date is too early for you, let me know as soon as possible so that I find a more suitable date.

There will also be a 3rd possibility in the last week of the exam period.