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Volume 5
Issue Number 1

In this issue

Disposal Methods for Cyanobacteria and Blue-Green Algae In Stagnant Waters
Miroslav Badida, Tibor Dzuro, Lýdia Sobotová

Mathematical Modelling of Simultaneous Convection-Diffusion-Reaction Systems Taking Place in Porous Media
Ágnes Bálint, Csaba Mészáros

Benefits from Environmental Management System Implementation
Lucia Bednárová, Natália Jergová

Non-Formal Education System in Ukraine
Olena Bykovska

Changes of Land Uses in Arable Lands in the 19-20th Century in the Gödöllo Hillside, Hungary
Krisztina Demény

Energy Efficiency as a Tool of Climate Change Mitigation - A Case Study of Slovak Municipality
Juraj Fazekas, Jana Chovancová, Danica Fazekasová

N-Allyl-N-Benzoyl-Bisthiourea as N,O,S-Atom Containing Ligand for Determination of Bi(III)
Maksym Fizer, Ruslan Mariychuk, Oksana Fizer, Mykhaylo Slivka, Vasyl Lendel

Modern Reactors: Future Reactors
Baryakhtar Victor Grigorievich, Bykovskiy Yaroslav Timurovich

Influence of Engineered Metal Oxide Nanoparticles on Seed Germination, Seedling Development and Chlorophyll Content
Hosam E. A. F. Bayoumi Hamuda

Bio-Disposal Waste Improve the Biological Activities of Agricultural Land
Hosam E. A. F. Bayoumi Hamuda, Lyudmila Symochko

Antioxidant Activity of Essential Oils Extracted from the Peel of Citrus Limon and That of Tocoblend
Louiza Himed, Malika Barkat

Diversity of Halophilic Archaea from Ezzemoul Sabkha in Algeria
Karima Kharroub, Amine Mohamed Gomri, Mercedes Monteoliva-Sanchez

Influence of Atmospheric Conditions on Sound Propagation - Mathematical Modeling
Pavol Liptai, Miroslav Badida, Katarína Lukácová

Optical Sorting System for Municipal Waste in Practice
Katarína Lukácová, Miroslav Badida, Marek Moravec

Influence Industry on the Environment
Dominika Palascáková, Miroslav Badida

Financial Effect from the Proper Handling of Pesticide Packaging Waste
Olivera Paunovic, Una Marceta, Milan Pavlovic, Mila Zakin, Aleksandar Duric

Experimental Research to Evaluation the Quality of the Working Environment
Miriama Pinosová, Beata Hricová, Ervin Lumnitzer

Application of Electrocoagulation for Turbidity Removal in Waste Solutions
Miljana Prica, Savka Adamovic, Bozo Dalmacija, Jelena Trickovic, Zivko Pavlovic, Dragoljub Novakovic, Milica Velimirovic

Microbial Monitoring of Soil as Additional Tools for Conservation Biology
Lyudmila Symochko, Hosam E. A. F. Bayoumi Hamuda

Ecological Opportunities to Develop Biological Process for Wastewater Treatment
Albert Szaniszló, H. E. A. F. Bayoumi Hamuda, Ágnes Bálint

Investigation of the Grapes' Traditional Drying in the Region of Tademait, Tizi Ouzou, Algeria
Lamia Zoubiri, Malika Barkat

Market Failure and Structure of Externalities and Environmental Damage by Different Industrial Activities
Ghazala Othman, Abdussalam Ashour Khalif, Ali Alammari

Key Indicators of Environmental Quality: An Overview of Air Quality in Ireland
Abdussalam Ashour Khalif, Ghazala Othman, Ali Alammari

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